Where can I buy eggs produced locally in Maine?


The UMaine Extension Maine Farm and Seafood Products Directory includes farms that sell eggs. You need to open the spreadsheet and check out the column for eggs. The Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry has a site Real Maine consumers can type in “eggs” that lists over 240 farms that offer eggs. You can search for farms that are near you. Some farmers’ markets have farms that bring eggs to market, but you have to get there early, or buy them ahead of time and pick them up at the market. Look at the Maine Federation of Farmers’ Markets website to find a market near you. There are several farm-oriented Facebook pages where customers can ask who may have eggs for sale near them. These include Maine Homesteading, The Original Maine Homesteaders, Maine Poultry Connection (Maine only), Maine Chicken Enthusiasts, and there are probably more.