What rules and regulations are involved in raising poultry commercially in Maine?


I am hoping to get into chicken production on a commercial basis in Maine. I have some poultry now and am looking to expand to commercial production. I’m wondering what rules and regulations are involved in the poultry business. Who should I talk to?


I see you are looking to expand your poultry enterprise. Are you interested in eggs or meat? Chickens or other poultry? We do have a poultry information website with a lot of resources that you may be interested in. A couple years ago we did a webinar on Selling Meat in Maine: Poultry Focus that was recorded that covers regulations of poultry product sales. You will need to decide how much you plan to make with the expanded enterprise, develop some financial information to see how much it will cost to expand your enterprise, figure out who you will sell to and how much they are willing to pay as well as how often they would be interested in buying. We do have a Maine New Farmers Project website that may be of interest to you. Also, our So You Want to Farm in Maine? bulletin can help you figure out your business and production strengths and weaknesses.