chickens in barn; photo by Edwin RemsbergZoom Course: Keeping Backyard Poultry  

Part 1 – YouTube Video

  • Pros and Cons of raising chickens
  • Brooding chicks
  • Feeding and watering
  • Choosing the breed

Part 2 – YouTube Video

  • Chicken Nutrition
  • Chicken Feeders and waterers
  • Chicken housing
  • Winter care of chickens

Videos, Factsheets, and Other Resources for the Backyard Poultry Keeper


Before You Start with Poultry



Water / Nutrition / Housing / General Care 



Winter Care

Health and Management Information

Other Resources

Health and Management Information (Maine Contacts)

University of Maine

  • Colt Knight, Assistant Professor of Extension – State Livestock Specialist, UMaine Extension, 5735 Hitchner Hall, Rm 133, Orono, Maine  04469. Tel: 207.581.2953; 800.287.0274 (in Maine). Email: colt.knight@maine.edu.
  • Dana Hill, Extension Veterinarian, UMaine Extension, 17 Godfrey Drive, Orono, ME 04409-5735. Tel: 207.581.2789. Email: dana.c.hill@maine.edu.
  • Donna Coffin, Extension ProfessorUMaine Extension, 307 Maine Ave., Bangor, ME 04401. Tel: 207.942.7396. Email: donna.coffin@maine.edu.

State Agencies

  • Stefanie Bolas, State Veterinarian, Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry. Tel: 207.287.3701. Email: animalhealth.agr@maine.gov.
  • Donna Flint, Poultry Health Technician, Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry. Tel: 207.557.4623. Email: donna.flint@maine.gov.
  • Celeste Poulin, Director, Maine Department of Agriculture’s Division of Quality Assurance and Regulation. Tel: 207.287.3841. Email: celeste.poulin@maine.gov.

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