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Latest updates about Avian Influenza (AI)

4-H Egg Business Project

Upcoming and Past Webinars on Poultry Topics:


Health and management information

University of Maine
Richard Brzozowski, Extension Professor/Educator, University of Maine Cooperative Extension, 75 Clearwater Drive, Suite 104, Falmouth, ME 04105. 800.287.1471.

Robert Hawes, Professor Emeritus, University of Maine, 8 Short Wharf Road, Hampden, ME 04444-1629. 207.862.4189.

Anne Lichtenwalner, Extension Veterinarian, University of Maine Cooperative Extension, 5735 Hitchner Hall, Orono, ME 04409-5735. 207.581.2788.

H. M. Opitz, Veterinarian and Associate Professor Emeritus.

University of Maine Cooperative Extension’s poultry publications
Most available for free download.