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5735 Hitchner Hall
Orono, ME. 04469-5735
207.581.2788 or 1.800.287.7170 (in Maine)

Maine Livestock Program Leadership Team 2024-2025 Contact Directory

Species/Topic Area(s) of Expertise Contact(s)
Beef General Colt Knight, Taryn Pearson
Nutrition Colt Knight
Reproduction, Housing, Equipment, Marketing, Health Colt Knight, Dana Hill
Dairy  General Glenda Pereira, Taryn Pearson

Regulatory questions: Stefanie Bolas

Nutrition Glenda Pereira
Reproduction Glenda Pereira
Housing, Equipment, Health Glenda Pereira, Dana Hill
Goat (Meat, Dairy, Fiber)  General Rachel White, Carol Delaney, Taryn Pearson Colt Knight
Health Rachel White, Colt Knight, Dana Hill, Carol Delaney
Sheep (Meat, Dairy, Fiber)
General Rachel White, Carol Delaney, Taryn Pearson Colt Knight
Nutrition Rachel White, Colt Knight, Carol Delaney
Housing, Equipment, Health Rachel White, Colt Knight, Dana Hill, Carol Delaney
Poultry General Rachel White, Colt Knight, Taryn Pearson, Stefanie Bolas

Regulatory questions: Donna Flint

Health Rachel White, Colt Knight, Dana Hill
Aquaculture (fish, shellfish) General, Health Debbie Bouchard, Matt Hawkyard, Taryn Pearson
Food Safety and Processing General Beth Calder, Robson Machado,

Regulatory questions: Jennifer Eberly

Hog Health Colt Knight, Taryn Pearson, Dana Hill
Game Birds Health Dana Hill
Emu/Ostrich Health Dana Hill
Deer Health Rachel White, Taryn Pearson, Dana Hill
Horse Health Rachel White, Dana Hill
4-H Youth Sadee Mehuren,

ID and biosecurity questions: Donna Flint

Llama/Alpaca Health Dana Hill
Rabbit Health Dana Hill
Bees Health Regulatory questions: Jennifer Lund
Forage Crops Jaime Garzon, Ellen Mallory
Grazing Jaime Garzon, Colt Knight, Ellen Mallory
Animal Welfare Rachael Fiske, Dana Hill
Manure Management Regulatory questions: Mark Hedrich
Composting Mark Hutchinson, Regulatory questions: Mark Hedrich

Other Livestock-Related Topics/Contacts

For questions on 4-H Livestock projects, shows, rules, and regulations, contact your local UMaine Extension county office.

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  • Jacki Perkins, Organic Dairy and Livestock Specialist, or 802.595.9866