swine; photo by Edwin Remsberg

Swine 101: Raising Pastured Pork

The University of Maine Cooperative Extension is excited to announce a FREE series entitled Swine 101: Raising Pastured Pork. This seminar will be held in multiple locations across the state, and a meal will be provided (smoked pork!). Join Dr. Colt W. Knight, University of Maine Cooperative Extension State Livestock Specialist, for a 2-hour primer on raising pastured pork. Topics include: breed selection, basic reproductive information, swine nutrition, fencing, housing, meat yield, and more. Learn more.

Swine Resources

Pork Information Gateway (PIG)

The PIG library provides the industry with factsheets, references, and a place for U.S. Pork Producers to ask questions of swine extension specialists from around the U.S.

From the Cooperative Extension Publications Catalog, Swine