African Swine Fever Action Week – September 13 to 17

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service invites you to join us September 13-17 for daily webinars to learn more about African swine fever and its global spread, actions APHIS is taking to safeguard the United States, and biosecurity measures you can implement now to protect the U.S. herd.

Raising Backyard Pigs – YouTube Video

Pigs in pasture

Prospective and beginning small-scale pork producers will gain a general understanding of what it takes to raise pigs in their backyard. Dr. Colt Knight, UMaine Extension Livestock Specialist is the speaker for this program.

  • Swine breeds
  • Swine reproduction
  • Swine Nutrition
  • Pig housing
  • Expected meat yields

Swine Resources

Pork Information Gateway (PIG)

The PIG library provides the industry with factsheets, references, and a place for U.S. Pork Producers to ask questions of swine extension specialists from around the U.S.

From the Cooperative Extension Publications Catalog, Swine