University of Maine Cooperative Extension’s livestock programs help producers increase the profitability of their operations through improved nutrition, reproduction, genetics, health, management, and marketing.

We assist producers in adopting new technologies, such as computers, decision support tools, predictive models, testing strategies, and integrated whole farm systems. We also help livestock producers identify problem areas that limit long-term productivity. Educational programs are helping people improve farm communications, form management teams, manage labor effectively, develop strategic plans, and incorporate new management skills into their operations.

UMaine Extension’s livestock programs enable producers to better manage renewable resources, such as soil, water, nutrients, crops, buildings, equipment, and people.

Assessing PFAS Contamination on Dairy Farms in Maine

By Rick Kersbergen, Extension Professor University of Maine Cooperative Extension,
Sustainable Dairy and Forage Systems


Guide to Investigating PFAS Risk on Your Farm