‘From Farm to Table Fare’ Video Series

Join Chef Robert Dumas and Dr. Colt Knight for a crash course in preparing locally-sourced meat!

In each video in the series, Chef Rob and Dr. Knight highlight a different cut of meat from a local farm here in Maine. Prepare for things to get DELICIOUS!

  • Preparing Market Cuts of Whole Chicken: Chef Rob demonstrates breaking a whole chicken down to classic 8-piece bone-in chicken. 8-piece chicken includes the following cuts: drumstick, thigh, breast, and wings. All the cuts are bone-in and skin on, which makes them perfect for fried chicken, baked chicken, or BBQ chicken.
  • Preparing Chicken Leg Enchiladas: Chef Rob demonstrates a low and slow moist heat cooking process called “Braising”, for Chicken Leg Quarters. The recipe featured produces tender fall apart chicken that is juicy and flavorful. It is the perfect filling for a taco, burrito, or enchilada as demonstrated in the video. It is incredibly easy to braise and the opportunities to adapt this process to your preferred flavors are almost endless.
  • Preparing Statler/Supreme Cuts from Whole Chicken: Chef Rob demonstrates breaking a whole chicken down to a classic presentation cut called Statler breasts. It is a great center of plate protein with a semi-boneless breast as the star. In addition to the Statler breasts, Chef Rob also demonstrates Leg quarters which are wonderful braised or slow-cooked in the oven or BBQ. 
  • Cooking the Chicken Statler/Supreme Cut: Chef Rob demonstrates a dry heat cooking method called Arroser or Butter basted. The recipe features Statler breasts, (semi-boneless skin-on breast), and the preparation yields a deliciously juicy chicken with crispy golden brown skin. This is a very easy technique that only requires a skillet and a spoon to prepare! 
  • Preparing Boneless Cuts from Whole Chicken: Chef Rob demonstrates breaking a whole chicken down to a variety of boneless and bone-in cuts. The market forms demonstrated are: Boneless breasts, boneless thighs, bone-in wings and drums. Boneless breasts are one of the most versatile and easy to cook proteins and they are much more economical to home process rather than purchase. Boneless thighs are a great cut for the very best fried chicken sandwich or cubed and stir fried.
  • Grinding Beef for Smash Burgers: Chef Rob demonstrates how to make a custom burger blend of ground beef featuring local grass-fed Chuck and brisket. Chef Rob uses a Kitchen Aid mixer with the grinder attachment as an example of how to make the process feasible for a home kitchen. The ground beef is then used to make both a “smash” burger and a formed patty. Brand names and trade names are included for educational purposes only. No endorsement is implied nor is discrimination intended against similar products or services.
  • Preparing Boneless Half-Cut from Whole Chicken: Chef Rob demonstrates breaking a whole chicken down to a boneless half chicken. This is a bit more advanced and may take a few tries to master. The boneless half chicken is an absolutely fantastic way to serve both white and dark meat in a family-style presentation that allows everyone to enjoy crunchy delicious skin with a bit of thigh and breast meat.