Maine food for July: Snap beans and cucumbers

University of Maine Cooperative Extension publishes information to help find, grow, use and store in-season fruits and vegetables in Maine.

A variety of bulletins can be ordered or downloaded online. July favorites include “Let’s Preserve: Snap Beans,” “Let’s Preserve: Pickles,” “Vegetables and Fruits for Health: Cucumbers” and “Vegetables and Fruits for Health: Green Beans and Wax Beans.”

Freezing green beans and making homemade pickles are simple and easy ways to increase access to a year-round supply of local foods and reduce food expenses.

UMaine Extension educator Kathy Savoie recommends getting up-to-date information on the best methods, canners, jars and seals to ensure a safe result before preserving food.

Recommendations are available through local UMaine Extension offices or by calling 581.3188; 800.287.0274 (in Maine). More information, including upcoming food preservation workshops and how-to videos, is online.