Donna Rae Coffin, MS


I received B. S. (1974) and M.S. (1976) from the University of Maine. I joined the faculty in 1980 and serve as UMaine’ Extension Sustainable Agriculture and Home Horticulture County Educator in Piscataquis and Penobscot Counties.

Current Extension Program: I develop educational programs for livestock and crop farmers, horticulturists and home gardeners; assist livestock associations, land stewardship organizations, and farmer marketing organizations.

Ongoing Projects Include

  • Editor of Central Maine Farming Newsletter – electronic
  • Editor of Maine Beef Newsletter – electronic
  • Coordinate the regional So You Want to Farm in Maine program for beginning farmers
  • Coordinate the “One Tomato” project in Piscataquis County to encourage vegetable gardening
  • Develop topic-focused educational programs for farmers and gardeners



My current research includes Improving Storage Time for Wet Brewers Grains to Feed to Livestock.

Recent Publications

Recent Papers

2021 Search for Excellence Covid-19 programming

2021 Search for Excellence Livestock programming