Donna Rae Coffin, MS


I received B. S. (1974) and M.S. (1976) from the University of Maine. I joined the faculty in 1980 and serve as UMaine’ Extension Sustainable Agriculture and Home Horticulture County Educator in Piscataquis and Penobscot Counties.

Current Extension Program: I develop educational programs for livestock and crop farmers, horticulturists and home gardeners; assist livestock associations, land stewardship organizations, and farmer marketing organizations.

Ongoing Projects Include

  • Editor of Central Maine Farming Newsletter – electronic
  • Editor of Maine Beef Newsletter – electronic
  • Coordinate the regional So You Want to Farm in Maine program for beginning farmers
  • Coordinate the “One Tomato” project in Piscataquis County to encourage vegetable gardening
  • Develop topic-focused educational programs for farmers and gardeners



My current research includes working with the Equine Clinical Studies Coordinating Committee NECC1200, to determine research needs in the northeast.

Recent Publications