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Photo & Clip Art Resources - Is it okay to use Microsoft clip art?

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Here is Microsoft’s published policy on the use of their clip art:

“The Microsoft Clip Art Gallery provides a compilation of artwork for your personal use. Microsoft licenses some of the artwork from third parties and therefore cannot grant permission for you to redistribute the artwork.

The following guidelines apply to the use of clip art:

  1. You may use clip art in your school assignments and projects.
  2. You may use clip art in your church brochure.
  3. You may use clip art for personal, noncommercial uses.
  4. You may NOT use clip art to advertise your business.
  5. You may NOT use clip art to create a company logo.
  6. You may NOT use clip art to illustrate the chapters of a book.”*

[caps added for emphasis]

Even though we are a nonprofit, we are definitely not a church. Please do not use Microsoft clip art in UMaine Extension material.

*Source: Use of Microsoft Copyrighted Content. Microsoft website: August 9, 2006.

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