Answers for the Workplace Safety True/False Quiz

  1. False: Violent people don’t always act aggressively toward fellow employees only. Sometimes, they are aggressive toward their environment, sabotaging or destroying company property and assets.
  2. True: Homicide was the result of more deaths of workers than any other source save motor vehicle accidents.
  3. False: Many perpetrators of workplace violence do not fit a standard profile. We must focus on behavior, not the characteristics of a destructive employee.
  4. False: There are many reasons why individuals engage in acts of workplace violence. While job loss is prominent, any number of factors, such as divorce or financial pressures, can play a role.
  5. False: Many perpetrators had relatively peaceful lives until a few months before a violent act.
  6. True: Problems such as tardiness are often present in the behavior of violent individuals.
  7. False: Research shows that drug and alcohol abuse play a much larger role in violence than mental health problems.
  8. False: In many cases, violence is indiscriminate.
  9. False: The meantime is six months. In a 1994 case, a terminated employee killed a Vice Chairman of a $6 billion company eight years after he was fired.
  10. False: The perpetrators are: Customers 44%; Strangers 24%; Co-workers 20%; Boss 7%; Former employees 3%
  11. True: The leading triggers of violence from clients is slow or poor service and lack of information.
  12. True: This according to a 1993 survey by Northwestern National Life Insurance of 600 employed people across the United States.