UMaine Extension Core Values

  • All UMaine Extension employees and audiences are treated with dignity and respect so that all feel valued.
  • All UMaine Extension employees acknowledge the value of a diverse workforce, and Extension recruits and welcomes new employees from diverse populations so that our workforce reflects the cultural and other human diversities of New England.
  • All UMaine Extension employees have administrative support to learn, practice and incorporate these diversity goals, and to hold ourselves and one another accountable for moving the organization toward this vision.

Behaviors that Reflect Our Values

  • We incorporate a heightened sensitivity to the diversity of existing and potential audiences in order to recognize, make all reasonable effort to reach, and work with people covered by our nondiscrimination statement and those with other human differences, such as language, literacy levels, social customs, styles of learning, personality types, workstyles, etc.
  • We recognize our diverse Web audience and strive to provide every visitor with the same experience. We design our site for usability to the largest audience regardless of their abilities.
  • Our communications and meetings within workgroups ensure that all UMaine Extension employees discuss, plan and/or are aware of upcoming projects that will impact their work schedule.
  • To ensure inclusion in the hiring process, we provide all personnel who will work directly with a candidate the opportunity to meet the candidate and contribute input to the search committee.
  • We offer staff development opportunities to all UMaine Extension staff. Such efforts incorporate and enhance diversity objectives, and use a variety of teaching methods to address multiple learning skills.
  • We regularly deliver meaningful and knowledgeable feedback and recognition to one another, including positive feedback.
  • We encourage all UMaine Extension staff in their professional advancement. We make personnel decisions fairly and equitably.
  • We use a feedback system that provides opportunities for co-workers to contribute meaningful input to staff evaluation processes.
  • We address workplace conflicts with dignity and respect.
  • We know university grievance and complaint procedures and constructively implement them when necessary.
  • We guarantee all UMaine Extension employees involved in a workplace conflict an opportunity to be heard, acknowledged, and to participate in the resolution plan.