Memorandum of Understanding

Between Maine Extension Homemakers Council and University of Maine Cooperative Extension

I. Mission

A. Extension Homemakers Council: to develop leadership and promote Cooperative Extension’s educational programs in all parts of Maine; to provide a communication link between community, county, and state.

B. Cooperative Extension: to help Maine people improve their lives through an educational process that uses research-based knowledge focused on issues and needs.

II. Terms of Agreement

A. Educators shall

  • initiate annual discussion about how we (county and state homemakers council and Cooperative Extension) are going to work together;
  • provide and/or help identify training materials, programs and resources as they relate to the educational goals of Cooperative Extension;
  • be a source of research-based information and sound subject-matter expertise;
  • encourage the development of leadership skills;
  • provide opportunities through the County executive committee for input into the county plan of work and for negotiation of time dedicated to homemaker groups;
  • maintain positive, open lines of communication;
  • provide information about current issues and trends and about Extension’s accomplishments;
  • negotiate copying and mailing according Cooperative Extension policies;
  • participate in county advisory board meetings to provide input and feedback, and to help with planning and locating resources.

B. Homemaker groups shall

  • provide programs each year that relate to the educational goals of Cooperative Extension;
  • represent Cooperative Extension in the community by being informed about Extension’s programs, and by providing programs that are current, educational and research-based, where appropriate;
  • extend Cooperative Extension programs into the community each year;
  • attend and participate in county advisory board meetings;
  • meet current civil rights guidelines;
  • maintain positive open lines of communication;
  • provide information about activities and accomplishments to the county educators.

III. General Considerations

This Memorandum of Understanding should be reviewed periodically and updated to meet the needs of both partners.