Staff Development Funds Request Form

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  • It is recommended that you keep track of your own Flexible Staff Development (FSD) fund balance. If you do not know your current balance, please contact Ella Glatter at
  • Include relevant information such as workshop/conference dates; publication titles, etc.

    Here are some of the items that can and can not be supported by FSD funds:

    -- equipment purchases are not to be supported by FSD funds.

    -- course books can be purchased with FSD funds if the course relates to a person’s current job description. All books that are purchased using FSD funds become the property of Cooperative Extension and the books are to be made available to other staff in the local office or PLT. These books must be left behind when the staff member leaves Cooperative Extension.

    -- Magazine subscriptions are acceptable and every effort to share this resource is strongly encouraged.

    -- Professional dues or memberships may be supported by FSD funds if a membership results in the ability to secure a professional development resource (e.g. professional journal or newsletter) at a reduced cost.

    -- Faculty and professional staff may use their FSD funds to cover travel expenses incurred while carrying out activities approved as part of their sabbatical plan.

    To learn more about how FDS funds can be used, visit Section 3.4 of the Policies & Procedures Manual (link opens in a new window/tab).

  • Maximum yearly allotment is $300 for Hourly Staff and $500 for Professional Staff and Faculty; these amounts are pro-rated for regular part-time employees in each employee classification. Chartfield combination to use for Flexible Staff Development Fund expenditures: 5400983-Account Code (according to expense)-x-12-x-5600004

    Contact your supervisor or Beth Hawkyard if you have questions.
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