Reporting Consumer Energy Activities in our MPRS

When reporting your consumer energy educational activities in our reporting system:

If you did not previously add Consumer Energy to your POW plan, you can use the following directions to add it to your current plan.

  1. Go to the MPRS reporting website and select “Report on your plan.”
  2. At the bottom of the page, click on [add an unplanned output].
  3. At the bottom of this page, select one of your current plan headings (like home horticulture).
  4. The issue area will automatically fill in the click on [submit].
  5. Output description: type in Consumer Energy.
  6. Delivery: select Multiple – undefined.
  7. Type of Output: select In-state Extension.
  8. Select an associated indicator from your list (like Action Step – Adopt appropriate technologies).
  9. Click [SAVE].

This will bring you to a reporting screen. After you enter your participant numbers, demographics, etc., at the bottom in the box you can add a description of what you are reporting on (i.e., home energy program, energy display at event, answer energy questions, etc.)