4-H Camps & Learning Centers

voluteers build a garden shed for 4-H Camp and Learning CenterUniversity of Maine Cooperative Extension 4-H camps and learning centers help connect people of all ages to the natural world. Our 4-H camps are for everyone! Our camps offer off-site adventure trips, custom programs, and programs for youth and adults.

Ways to get involved

  • Facility support: Our facilities always need help with carpentry and painting projects.
  • Office support: Help out periodically with mailing at the camp office.
  • Gardening: There’s a need for help planting, weeding, hoeing, harvesting, and teaching at our 4-H camps gardens.
  • Trail Work: Help maintain and develop our hiking and skiing trails.
  • Artists: Create a display for either site, or teach your skills to others.
  • Guest Presenters: Share your knowledge of natural history, arts, music, cultures, etc. at summer camp, family or adult programs or special events.
  • Program planning and development: serve on committees to help design new programs and create long-range plans.
  • Board of Directors: Our 4-H Camps financial and program oversight is the responsibility of a dedicated board of volunteers
  • Work Days: Bring the whole family or your community group to help us this spring or fall. We can arrange for groups to do special projects.

How to get involved

Check out our 4-H camp and learning center Web sites for more information on how to get involved!