4-H Volunteers

4-H boys and girls make heart-shaped soap during a STEM lessonWho We Are:

4-H started more than 100 years ago and is the largest informal youth education program in the United States. In addition, 4-H reaches beyond the U.S. borders to some 82 countries world-wide. 4-H reaches over 6.5 million youth annually in the United States. 4-H is positive youth development; providing opportunities to connect young people with their sparks!The essence of 4-H positive youth development programming is to:

  • Create opportunities that promote positive youth development and give youth a sense of belonging
  • Help youth find their spark and support their learning
  • Nurture developmental relationships between youth and their peers and with caring adults

375 4-H Volunteers are helping over 20,000 youth statewide acquire knowledge, develop life skills, and form attitudes to become self-directing, productive and contributory members of society.

What We Do:

The 4-H Thriving Model is the theory of change for positive youth development in 4-H. The model illustrates the process of positive youth development by connecting high-quality program settings to the promotion of youth thriving.

4-H programs provide youth a place to belong, matter, and explore their spark. High-quality settings foster developmental relationships with youth, relationships that express care, challenge growth, and share power. These components help ensure that 4-H programs provide a nourishing developmental context where youth can belong and grow.

Where We Are Located:

Currently, more than 20,000 Maine youth participate in 4-H activities across the state. We offer state-, region-, and county-wide events. Check with your UMaine Extension county office to find out what 4-H is doing in your community

Volunteer Experiences Can Include:

Whether you are a 4-H alum, adult, teen or community member, we offer many ways to get involved and volunteer with our programs. Choose your area of interest to find out more:

How to Apply:

For information on how to get involved with the 4-H Program as a Club, Individual, Alumni or a Volunteer, contact the 4-H staff member in your county.