Maine Extension Homemaker Volunteers

Extension homemakerMaine Extension Homemakers are key to lifetime learning!

Who We Are:

Maine Extension Homemakers is a volunteer group that has the goal of developing leadership, supporting worthy community causes, and promoting University of Maine Cooperative Extension’s educational programs in all parts of Maine. The purpose of this group remains tied to strengthening and extending adult education into the home and community.

What We Do:

Local and county groups are involved with assisting with many different community projects such as local food pantries, elderly groups, scholarships for high school students, 4-H camperships, and much more.

Where We Are Located:

Homemaker groups are located in every county.

Volunteer Experiences Can Include:

Homemaker groups focus and roles vary by location, however all Homemakers take part in the state fundraising project called Coins for Caring.

Each year the State Extension Homemakers Council donates to a worthy cause. The money is raised by local groups and donated to the state treasury. Groups that have received funding include:

To learn more, view the Maine Extension Homemaker Volunteer Role Description

How to Apply:

Each UMaine Extension county office has a staff liaison assigned to Extension Homemakers. Please contact your local UMaine Extension county office for more information and to be connected with them.