Master Gardener Volunteers

volunteers gather Master Gardener Volunteers prepare onions for distribution through thethe Maine Harvest for Hunger programWho We Are:

Master Gardener Volunteers are lifelong learners who educate home gardeners, address community efforts related to horticulture, and support the educational efforts of the University of Maine Cooperative Extension.

What We Do:

The UMaine Extension Master Gardener Volunteers program provides participants with in-depth training in the art and science of horticulture. Trainees receive current, research-based information from UMaine Extension educators and industry experts. Master Gardener Volunteers can help direct their own advanced training. In return, trained Master Gardeners volunteer their time and expertise in many ways for community programs and activities.

Where We Are Located:

The Master Gardener program is statewide. Contact your UMaine Extension county’s office to be connected with the programs in your area.

Volunteer Experiences Can Include:

As a Master Gardener Volunteer, you may choose to devote the majority of your volunteer time (40 hours) to a community project. Any Master Gardener Volunteer may initiate a new community project by putting in a request to their county Master Gardener Association Board. Projects vary from county to county. The following list represents a sampling of past and current community projects:

  • Kids Can Grow — Master Gardener Volunteers help develop and coordinate the program, teach, and mentor children in home gardens.
  • Maine Harvest for Hunger — Master Gardener Volunteers serve on the organizational team to coordinate this county-wide program, which recruits farmers and home gardeners to donate produce from their farm/garden to area food pantries, shelters, and senior housing projects. Volunteers network with the media and shelters, soup kitchens, food pantries, etc., and give their time to gleaning/delivering produce.
  • Plant Sale and Raffle — Coordinate the sale/raffle to raise money to support other county Master Gardener Volunteers projects.
  • Garden Angels — Master Gardener Volunteers (Garden Angels) are linked with Recipients who are usually elderly persons with physical or mental and financial limitations who love to garden but need a Garden Angel to help them.
  • Caring Unlimited — Garden with residents of a Caring Unlimited Shelter, teaching them garden basics and helping them to grow flowers, herbs, and vegetables, and care for trees and shrubs.
  • Community Gardens — Projects vary.
  • Farmers’ Market Volunteers — Master Gardener Volunteers provide gardening information to the general public through displays at Farmer’s Markets.
  • Workshops — Master Gardener Volunteers workshops cover many subjects and are open to the public.
  • Other Community Projects — Master Gardener Volunteers help with programs like Jr. Master Gardeners and Growing Winter Greens

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3 Master Gardener Volunteers at Rogers FarmHow to Get Involved:

Learn more about what Master Gardeners are working on in your county!

Apply to become a Master Gardener Volunteer or learn more about this program by emailing or visiting the Master Gardener Volunteers website.