Master Gardener Volunteers Role Description


Master Gardener Volunteer


The Master Gardener program is statewide. Contact your UMaine Extension county office to be connected with a program in your area.


The Master Gardener Program educates home gardeners, addresses community efforts related to horticulture, and supports the educational mission of the UMaine Extension.


Any resident of Maine interested in studying horticulture and volunteering in community gardening projects may apply to the Master Gardener Volunteer Program. Since we usually receive more applications than we can accommodate, applications are subject to screening for county residence and gardening and community service experience.


In return for professional in-depth horticulture training, Master Gardeners volunteer their time and expertise in many ways for community programs and activities.

As a Master Gardener Volunteer, you may choose to devote the majority of your volunteer time (40 hours) to a community project. Any Master Gardener Volunteer may initiate a new community project by putting in a request to their county Master Gardener Association Board.

Time Commitment

Attend all training sessions (40 hours). Training will be interactive with lectures, hands-on learning demonstrations, and self-directed learning activities.  Class participation, discussions, presentations, and quizzes will be used to monitor the progress of volunteers.


The Master Gardener Volunteers program provides participants with in-depth training in the art and science of horticulture. Trainees receive current, research-based information from UMaine Extension educators and industry experts. Master Gardener Volunteers can help direct their own advanced training. A horticulture expert in your county provides regular support and check-ins.


  • Extensive horticulture training and knowledge
  • UMaine Extension as a resource and network
  • Connection and group project work with other trained Master Gardener volunteers
  • Professional development and leadership opportunities
  • Master Gardener Handbook to use as a reference and resource
  • Master Gardener supplies and nametag


To apply to become a Master Gardener Volunteer, or to find out more about the program, visit the Maine Master Gardener Volunteers website.