Garden Angels

In Cumberland and York County

Two participants in the Garden Angel ProgramThe Garden Angel program of University of Maine Cooperative Extension matches Master Gardener Volunteers with others of limited financial means, who also love to garden, but are no longer physically able without help.

Everyone benefits…

  • Recipients enjoy fresh vegetables and flowers grown in their own gardens without taxing their bodies and energy levels.
  • Recipients and Garden Angels cultivate supportive friendships.
  • Garden Angels and recipients learn new gardening skills from lifelong gardeners.
  • Recipients learn alternate ways to garden.
  • Garden Angels learn how to work with seniors or disabled individuals.

There is no charge to participate in the project. Recipients are paired with Garden Angels on the basis of geographic location, physical ability, gardening skills, and site requirements. Currently we have a waiting list of recipients and are in need of more Garden Angel volunteers.

Garden Angels arrange weekly visits through the growing season to help plan, plant, care for, and harvest vegetables and flowers from a small garden on the property of the recipient. Angels typically provide an average of 2 hours of service each week during the growing season, bringing the joy of gardening, the nutrition of fresh vegetables, and the beauty of flowers to folks who would otherwise be unable to enjoy this wonderful part of summer in Maine. Angels offer much more than just gardening help; they also provide social contact and a way for recipients to continue to be involved with an activity that means so much to them.

Please download the brochure and application and return it to your county office:

Cumberland County Garden Angel Brochure/Application (PDF): Garden Angel Cumberland County Rev 3.7.23 (PDF)

York County Garden Angel Brochure/Application (PDF): Garden Angel York County Rev.3.7.23 (PDF) 

For more information about the Master Gardener Volunteer program or requesting a Garden Angel in your county, please contact:

“I found the Garden Angel Program very helpful, as my disability worsened, I had to eventually give up all gardening. Soon I was looking at nothing but weeds; it was depressing. Now I see flowers and plants out my window and/or when I sit outside. All is a lot better with the world.” — Recipient