Examples of Projects

As a Master Gardener Volunteer, you may choose to devote the majority of your volunteer time (40 hours) to a community project. Any Master Gardener Volunteer may initiate a new community project by putting in a request to their county Master Gardener Association Board. Projects vary from county to county. The following list represents a sampling of past and current community projects:

  • Community Gardens — Projects vary.
  • Farmers’ Market Volunteers — Master Gardener Volunteers provide gardening information to the general public through displays at Farmer’s Markets.
  • Garden Angels — Master Gardener Volunteers (Garden Angels) are linked with Recipients who are usually elderly persons with physical or mental and financial limitations who love to garden but need a friend/helping hand/Garden Angel to help them.
  • Kids Can Grow — Master Gardener Volunteers help develop and coordinate the program, teach, and mentor children in home gardens.
  • Maine Harvest for Hunger — Master Gardener Volunteers serve on the organizational team to coordinate this county-wide program, which recruits farmers and home gardeners to donate produce from their farm/garden to area food pantries, shelters, and senior housing projects. Volunteers network with the media and shelters, soup kitchens, food pantries, etc., and give their time to gleaning/delivering produce.
  • Plant Sale and Raffle — Master Gardener Volunteers help coordinate the sale/raffle to raise money to support other county Master Gardener Volunteers projects.
  • Workshops — Master Gardener Volunteers workshops cover many subjects and are open to the public.
  • Other Community Projects — Master Gardener Volunteers help with programs like Jr. Master Gardeners and Growing Winter Greens.