Examples of Projects

Master Gardener Volunteers devote their volunteer time to a wide variety of community projects.

Master Gardener Volunteer may initiate a new community project by completing the New Project Request Form (password protected, contact your coordinator for access).

Community organizations may request assistance from a Master Gardener Volunteer by completing the Request for Master Gardener Volunteer Assistance form

Projects vary from county to county. The following list represents a sampling of past and current community projects:

  • Food Security 
    • Maine Harvest for Hunger — Master Gardener Volunteers grow and glean food for donation to area food pantries, shelters, and senior housing projects. Volunteers also recruit farmers and home gardeners to donate produce, and network with food security organizations. 
  • Youth, School and Community Garden Programs
  • Ecological Landscapes/Sustainable Gardening 
    • Pollinator and Native Plant Gardens – Volunteers help design, create and maintain gardens that support the Maine ecosystem, many of which are certified through our Pollinator-Friendly Garden Certification program. 
  • Educational Programming
    • Kids Can Grow — Volunteers help develop and coordinate the program, teach, and mentor children in home gardens.
    • Event Outreach — Volunteers  provide gardening information to the general public through displays at Farmers Markets and fairs. 
    • Workshops — Master Gardener Volunteers workshops cover many subjects and are open to the public.
  • Accessibility/Therapeutic Gardening 
    • Garden Angels — Master Gardener Volunteers (Garden Angels) are linked with recipients who are usually elderly persons with physical or mental and financial limitations who love to garden but need a friend/helping hand/Garden Angel to help them.
    • Horticultural Therapy Gardens – Volunteers help create gardens intended to support cognitive, mental and physical well-being

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