Master Gardener Volunteers Tool Kit

The University of Maine System is beginning a state-wide gradual reopening process with new COVID-19 protocols and modifications in place. UMaine Extension Master Gardener Volunteers are also beginning a gradual restart process, which initially will prioritize Maine Harvest for Hunger.

All other in-person Master Gardener Volunteer related activities remain suspended until they have been approved by your MGV Coordinator.

As we restart in-person Maine Harvest for Hunger county programs and projects, all Master Gardener Volunteers who wish to become involved, must complete all Covid-19 Volunteering Requirements as Outlined with this Link, and follow all CDC guidelines and protocols. 

Master Gardener Volunteer trainees who are currently working towards their certification will continue to receive additional time to complete their initial 40 hours of volunteer service. Currently, active certified Master Gardener Volunteers will still not be required to complete their annual 20 hours of volunteer service in order to maintain their certification. However, individuals may, with approval, continue to volunteer as they are able.  Please report those hours in a timely way so we can track our impact within our communities.

For more information about our updated policy, please visit our COVID-19 MGV Policy website.

Updated: 9/4/2020


We hope you enjoy this one-stop website for Master Gardener Volunteers to access the “tools” needed for your training and volunteer experience. You’ll find links to the manual, reporting surveys, homework, mandatory training materials, enrollment, and more. Contact your local coordinator or use the form at the bottom of this page if you cannot find what you’re looking for.

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Master Gardener
Volunteer Manual

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Volunteer Hours
Report Form

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Master Gardener
Training Program

Are you ready for in-person COVID-19 volunteering? Please review this checklist to be sure!

graphic of a checkmark in a box for check listIs your in-person project approved for COVID-19 volunteering?

graphic of a checkmark in a box for check list

If your project isn’t approved yet, we encourage the MGV Project Coordinator to submit a project approval form

graphic of a checkmark in a box for check listIf your project is approved, complete the volunteer approval form to receive individual approval to work on projects.

graphic of a checkmark in a box for check listComplete UNH COVID-19 training (forward certificate of completion to your MGV coordinator).

graphic of a checkmark in a box for check listParticipate in any site-specific training as needed.

graphic of a checkmark in a box for check listAll volunteers must report their hours within a week for contact tracing purposes.

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