2018 October

October 17, 2018


Call to Order:                            Rick K. called the meeting to order at 5:30p

Members Attending:              Theresa, Anne D., Jodie, David, Anne R., Katy, Jackie, Sadee, Aktan, Darcy

Members Absent:                    Anna, Ken, Eric, Matthew, Samara

Staff Attending:                        Rick, Viña


Data sheets

Rick explained to members about UMaine Civil Rights and non-discrimination policies.  Members were offered the opportunity to fill out information sheets that the University will use to better understand their population of employees and volunteers and seek to support under-served populations.


It was noted that although the University does not discriminate against personal gender identification, there are only “Male” and “Female” gender identification boxes to choose from on the data sheets.


Minutes of May Meeting

On a motion by Anne R., seconded by Dave, the minutes were approved unanimously.


Financial Report

Rick shared the Financial Report through Sept 30.  Rick explained that there is typically a $7k surplus from year to year, and that an increase in funds was requested for the supply line to match spending from the previous year. There were no issues of concern to discuss.  On a motion by Theresa, seconded by Anne R., the financial report was approved as presented.


Choose the day/time for future meetings

Meetings will be held on the THIRD Tuesday of each month (with flexibility as necessary) starting at 5:30p.  November’s meeting, however, will be on November 13. December’s meeting will be on Dec 18, etc.


Summer activities


Rick provided a wrap-up of some of his activities over the summer. See attachment.  There was some discussion and interest in the Climate Masters curriculum development. Rick explained that it is in review. Further discussion ensued regarding the effect of climate change with regard to heat, temperature, water (or lack thereof) is having on producers and their products.



Vina shared her Food Systems & Youth Development programming summer activities as well as Joyce’s prepared 4-H Program Update. Of note, the UMaine Extension 4-H auction in Waldo County is being held on Saturday, October 20th at the Mt. View High School, starting at 1pm.  Jodie is organizing the event and it is the largest fundraiser to support Waldo County 4-H scholarships and programs.

Vina’s report stimulated Katy to ask the status of the 4-H scholarship fund investment account.  There remains about $7k in the investment account, and a $1500 scholarship was awarded for 2018.  The $1500 is more than the dividends on the $7k investment.


Sub-Committee Reports

Ag Plastics
Dave reported that the Ag Plastics group met on June 20 at the Extension Office. There were several action items, and minutes of that meeting are forthcoming. David could use some help with this committee and will attack again in earnest at the end of the current growing season. Additionally, Aktan suggested a workshop focused on alternatives to using ag plastic.


Farmer Potluck
Anne D. happily agreed to chair the event; Darcy and Theresa volunteered to help as well. The group agreed to shoot for Saturday, February 16, 2019 as the date for the next potluck.  Ideas such as getting farmer musicians to play, having a contra dance, speed dating between buyers and producers, arranging for a featured speaker (topics anyone?), and signing volunteers up to become a 4-H mentors were addressed.


Rural Living Day
Saturday, April 6, 2019 is the next date for Rural Living Day to be held at Mt. View High School.  Due to increased rental and food costs, the committee discussed potentially raising the registration fee from $20 to $30. Vina will chair the committee and will start the planning next month.


Rick suggested including 4-H as an additional subcommittee. Katy volunteered to write another letter to the University in order to state the continued need for a full-time Extension 4-H Professional to work at Waldo County.  Jodie also explained that additional funds are still necessary to support Waldo County 4-H events. 4-H mentors/volunteers remain a widely unmet need.  WCEA members are encouraged to spread the word about the need for volunteers through their own social media sites, as well as at their local town meetings.

An opportunity to sign volunteers up can also occur at the upcoming Winter Farmer Potluck. Reminder and repeated note that the UMaine Extension 4-H auction in Waldo County is being held on Saturday, 20 October at the Mt. View High School, starting at 1pm.  Jodie is organizing the event and it is the largest fundraiser to support Waldo County 4-H scholarships and programs. Note: absent member Ken Clements was “volunteered” to participate on this subcommittee.


Update on New Dean and Director for Extension

Members can review the video taped presentations by the final three candidates here:

Dr. Davd Fernandez   https://maine.box.com/s/lmfjsq3m59zwayvdoe6rp3x54n4d7xw2

Dr. Hannah Carter   https://maine.box.com/s/j1bm0sv3xv46maagqhk372i89b0pogg4

Dr. Marie Ruemenapp   https://maine.box.com/s/94lsvflj63f31xwmuvcmjex765ufos8b


Make sure to fill out the evaluations by Monday, October 22, 2018. https://extension.umaine.edu/university-maine-dean-cooperative-extension/


Snacks for next meeting

Theresa volunteered to provide snacks for the next WCEA meeting on November 13th at 5:30p.



The Secretary neglected to notice the time of adjournment, but is guessing that it was around 7:30 pm.