2019 April

April 16, 2019

Call to Order:                  Anna M. called the meeting to order at 5:35 pm

Members Attending:    Anna, Matthew, Sadee, Samara, Eric, Darcy, Jackie, Ken

Members Absent:         Anne D, Theresa, Aktan, Dave, Anne R, Katy

Staff Attending:             Rick, Viña, Caragh, Dick Brozowski, Joyce

Additional:                      Dave Schofield, Holly Ingraham

Minutes of March Meeting

On a motion by Matthew, seconded by Samara, the minutes were approved with Eric abstaining.

Financial Report

No significant discussion, one check signed. On a motion by Jodie, seconded by Darcy the treasurer’s report was approved.

Staff Reports


See program report. Hayfield presentation with 160 people, successful program.

Food Systems & Youth Development

See program report. Rural Living Day planning, Maine School Garden Network planning. Maple madness community meal, 160 people attending. Cooking for crowds at the Cooperative extension with 16 attending. Also helped finish the high tunnel at Troy.


Adding 4 -H into the County Budget. Spin experiences to add to the homeschool program. Group meeting a the Waldo Community Center. Age group from 5-17. Report from Samara that the 4-H groups at RLD were quite engaging.

On a motion by Jodie, seconded by Eric, all program reports were approved.

Subcommittee Reports

RLD Round Up

We had an attendance of 160 for this year’s program. Moved away from the online survey and went back to paper surveys, feedback is that people really enjoyed the workshops. Viña would like us to decide on a date prior to the break for the executive committee. Would also like to know if we could get another “Big Name” drawer to the event. Possibility of taking funding out to pay someone to be there.  Bring painters tape and mark the floor for the tables so we can put them back in order. Some minor problems with the RLD registration was location/region wasn’t captured. Proposal for the executive committee to see if maybe we can figure out where folks were from. Still waiting on the invoice from the catering to determine the financial outcome. Possibility of some individuals came but were not officially registered for lunch.

Ag Plastic

Dave is currently rewriting a portion of a grant. NRCS, MOFGA and several other organizations have come on board for the proposal with the deadline of next Friday.  Dave has also written an article for the MOFGA newsletter regarding AG Plastics.

Scholarship Applications

Only two applications for the scholarship have come in. Rick passed around the two applications for review by the Executive Committee.  Board voted unanimously to provide the scholarship to one specific applicant. Samara will present  the scholarship at the Senator Inn in Augusta, 11am – 2pm.

Nominations for Officers and Annual Meeting in September

By next meeting we need to have a slate of officers for the annual meeting.  Eric offered to be the backstop if we are unable to fill the President role with Anna stepping down. Sadee offered to be vice-president. Need to check with Anne D to see if she still wanted to be the secretary. Samara requested a binder with names, contact info and previous minutes/bylaws available. Rick proposed us having the annual meeting at the new high tunnel at Troy. Proposed date of September 17, 2019.

Staffing Update

Rick is starting July 1st Partial Phase Retirement (60% work load). He will continue to work with dairy farmers but will be giving up his Waldo County responsibilities and will no longer be attending the Executive Committee meetings starting in September. Viña is willing to take on the gardening questions for the extension. As a result of this we will be getting a full time 4-H position as presented by Dick. Someone from the executive committee should be on the search committee for the new position.  Sónia Antunes also submitted her letter of resignation effective in May. A draft of a proposal for hiring was passed around.  Search committee so far is comprised of Viña who will take the chair for the search committee with help from Joyce, Holly and Jodie.

State wide Dairy Judging about 22 kids and a total of 47 people.

Presentation by Dave Schofield regarding transportation costs to get to “Big E” with a presentation box to take to the fair. Thinking about the possibility of a scholarship or a grant. Total value of the box approximately $3500.00. Items in box included several pairs of clippers, hair dryers, scissors, paints, shoe polish, oils, sprays, brushes, show halters, banding. A request for the addition of a line item to the county budget to help fund travel for the equine and dairy shows.

Snacks for next meeting

Next meeting at Anne’s house so no snacks needed. Next meeting 21st of May at 5:30 pm.


On a motion by Samara, seconded by Jodie, the meeting was adjourned at 7:01 pm.