July 2020 Newsletter

Maine State Virtual Fair 2020

Have you been working hard on a 4-H project that you’re ready to show off? The Maine State Virtual Fair is here! There will be ribbons! There will be prizes! Submissions will be accepted from July 15th to August 1st. We can’t wait to see what our talented 4-Hers have created. The Maine State Virtual Fair is an opportunity for 4-H members to be recognized for their efforts on projects they have completed and skills they have gained over the past 4-H year. Club members and independent 4-Hers from Maine are eligible and welcome to submit entries to the Exhibit Hall. More information about categories and submission guidelines can be found here: https://extension.umaine.edu/4h/virtual-fair/

4-H Summer Programming

Have you signed up for YOUR picks from the 2020 4-H Summer Programming offerings? There really is something for every interest area! Check out some awesome cooking demos, or one of the multitudes of livestock workshops. Are you interested in science? We’ve got you covered! From learning how fostering kittens works to building a solar oven to make s’mores in your yard without a fire, there are over fifty different online and offline options running during the months of July and August.

You do no need to be enrolled in 4-H to participate, so tell your friends!

York County’s own Erin McDonald will be hosting an archaeology-themed workshop on July 28th. Youth aged 9 and up are encouraged to register. Space is limited, so register early!

View descriptions of all the workshops and register here: https://extension.umaine.edu/4h/2020-4-h-summer-programming/

State 4-H News

2020 Big E has been cancelled

It was recently announce that the Big E has been cancelled for 2020. Here is the official statement from the Big E organizers:

“The Big E is so much more than just a fair, it is tradition, it is celebration, it is the showcase of everything we are so proud of in New England. This is why our hearts are heavy as we bring you this news. For the safety of our fairgoers, staff, vendors, entertainers, exhibitors, sponsors, volunteers, and the broader community, the 2020 Big E has been cancelled. Thank you for all of your support and we’ll see your September 17th – October 3, 2021, when we can all celebrate together again.”