Code of Conduct

All participants, both 4-H and non-4-H members, at the 4-H@UMaine Weekend must send in a 4-H Program Participant Permission, Agreement, and Health (PPPAH) form and a University Photo Release form with their registration. These are available on the 4-H@UMaine website to be downloaded and sent in with the registration form (or will be sent with the registration form if it is sent from the county office). In addition to the standard 4-H rules and agreements, parents and participants should be aware of the following 4-H@UMaine policies:

  • Participants will be assigned a double occupancy room in the residence hall and will stay in their assigned room. The University requires that we know where each participant is staying.
  • Participants are responsible for any damages that occur to the room during their stay.
  • Any disturbance or emergencies should be reported to a chaperone or night supervisor.
  • Participants must be in the dormitory at the end of the last evening activity, lights out at 11:00 p.m.
  • 4-H appropriate clothing required at all times-dress code information will be included in your participant packet. No pajamas will be worn during dinner and following activities.
  • Participants must stay in activity areas with their assigned chaperone. Do NOT leave any activity without notifying a chaperone.
  • Any medications needed by youth during the weekend will be given to the camp nurse at check-in. She will administer doses as needed throughout the weekend.
  • A lost key can have a fee up to $50.00. Participants agree to pay this fee should they lose their room/building keys.
  • Adults listed on the registration form will be the only adults who can check out a youth member at any time.
  • Cell Phones: as young adults, you are expected to use courtesy and good judgment with your cell phones, iPods and other electronic devices. No electronic devices should be used during presentations (including workshops, opening ceremony, panels, etc). The staff and volunteers reserve the right to store an electronic device throughout the weekend conference, if necessary.