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Cooperative Extension: 4-H

Maine 4-H Days Camping Guidelines

We are excited to have very full fairgrounds for our upcoming event.   Camping will need to be done ONLY in the designated areas. These include areas near the sheep barns, in the small area between the pulling arena/cattle barn, or across the street in the designated field. This has been requested by Windsor Fairgrounds maintenance in an effort to have less area to clean after we leave. We are very grateful that they are willing to work with us on this.

  • Camping spaces inside the fenced grounds, in the barn area, will be reserved first for campers coming for the livestock tracks so that they can be close to their animals. 4-Hers in the dairy program will start arriving Friday, and we will need to reserve areas for them. There will be some space inside the fence for non-livestock families, but not enough for all campers.  This area will be reserved first for participants with livestock and the rest of the marked area will be on a first come, first serve basis for other campers.
  • Campers should use the enclosed sign to put on their camping unit/tent etc. for identification of who is on that site.
  • Families in the working steer program can set up campers between the pulling arena and the barn beside it.
  • Unfortunately, all available barn and covered space is needed for animals and workshops, so participants will not be able to tent under any covered space.  No exceptions on this.
  • The other camping area is a grass area outside the gate behind poultry barn. There is a walk in gate right beside the poultry barn. There will be signs directing you to this area.
  • No campfires will be allowed anywhere on the fairgrounds, including camping areas.