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Cooperative Extension: 4-H

Maine 4-H Days Rules for Bikes & Skates

Maine 4-H Days encourages you to bring your bikes, skates, scooters, and other non-motor personal transportation devices. However, to keep everyone safe, there is a need to define the rules for bikers, skaters, and anything with wheels that is person-powered.

  • Helmets are required for all and are to be buckled at all times. As this is a 4-H event, we ask that all adults also use helmets and be role models in safety.
  • All are required to pre-register their bikes and skates in the office. Please complete the Bike Form WordPDF.
  • We also are REQUIRING all riders/skaters to participate in a Bike/Skate Meeting (this meeting is separate from the bike workshops being offered). Rules will be reviewed with riders to receive their Ride Safe sticker.
    • Youth, and the adult that is overseeing youth, must attend a meeting before you may use your bike, skates, or skateboard. Bike/Skate Meetings will be held after opening ceremony daily.
    • Youth only need to attend 1 safety meeting for the weekend.
    • Your proof of attendance must be visibly displayed on your bike, or visible on the skaters while skating.
    • These tags will be monitored by our staff and adults on the grounds.  Biking and skating is a privilege at Maine 4-H Days.  Bikers/skaters without the proper tags, or not following these rules, should be reported to the office. Participants will receive one verbal warning, from 4-H staff, throughout the entire 4 days.  If another warning is needed, that participant may be asked to put the bike/skates away for the rest of the event. Any volunteer or adult can remind a rider/skater of safety standards. Please see the Office or the website for complete rules and implementation.
    • The defined rules and routes that bikers/skaters will be provided at the meeting will be posted in the office and on the website.