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Cooperative Extension: 4-H

Maine 4-H Days Vaccination Information

2023 Maine 4-H Days Rabies Statement

All cattle, sheep, horses, cats and dogs brought to Maine 4-H Days must be vaccinated for rabies if the animal is old enough to receive a rabies vaccine. All rabies vaccinations must be given by a licensed vet, who will provide a certificate for each animal vaccinated.  The certificate must be provided for proof of current vaccination.

Animals are considered currently vaccinated for rabies if at least 28 days have elapsed since the initial vaccination, and the duration of vaccination has not exceeded the time period recommended for that species and brand of vaccine.

Animals are considered unvaccinated if no approved vaccine exists for the species, if they are vaccinated by someone other than a licensed veterinarian in accordance with the requirement above, or if the vaccination is not within the time frame listed above.

In general, dogs, cats, horses, cattle and sheep can receive a rabies vaccine if older than 12 weeks of age (depending on the vaccine; check with your vet and see vaccine label directions). All 4-H members bringing cattle, sheep, horses, cats or dogs to Maine 4-H Days must show a veterinarian’s Certificate stating that their animals have received a rabies vaccination, and that the vaccination is “current”. Certification must be in writing, must be signed by the veterinarian, and must clearly identify the animal or animals brought to Maine 4-H Days and the date vaccinated.

Exhibitors showing animals that do not have an approved rabies vaccine (goats for example) are strongly encouraged to discuss rabies vaccination with their veterinarian and to follow their vet’s recommendations.

More information about rabies prevention can be found online at the Maine Division of Disease Surveillance.