Zero Waste at Maine 4-H Days

This year we are trying something new, zero waste, or as close to possible as we can get! What this looks like is a few new green bins on site, specifically for paper towels, food scraps, etc. As well as compost buckets in the kitchens to be used for the same purpose. There will be signage at each of the sites with compost bins labeled with what to put in, and what to leave out. Scrapdogs Compost from Rockland is largely helping us in this effort and will be using the food scraps generated to create compost, as well as teaching workshops on Sunday on composting. To help us towards this effort here is a short packing list to consider at Maine 4-H Days.

  • Re-usable water bottle 1 for every participant
  • Place setting, 1 per participant, i.e. silverware, plate/bowl
  • Re-usable napkins, i.e. cloth napkins and/or handkerchiefs
  • Re-usable bags or containers to carry around food, things, etc.