Host a STEM Ambassador

4-H STEM Content 

Spring 2023 4-H STEM Ambassadors will be prepared to lead a selected activity set. Each topic will have 4 sessions, designed to be one hour each in length. STEM topic options will be determined by early September! Please note we have a limited capacity and space for volunteers and host sites, so sign up early!

Adult hosts are invited to join in the STEM content training sessions if available.  We found that this made for a better experience all around -for students, volunteers, and you!

Hosts may Indicate their preference for in person or entirely virtual programming (1:1 devices required). We will do our best to accommodate preferences, but may not be able to meet all requests and preferences, so flexibility is appreciated.

Content Topics

Sustainable Fishing (grades 3-5) (virtual or in-person)

In this series of engaging activities, participants will learn the difference between sustainable and unsustainable fishing practices. Through games, simulations and experiments participants will get to know what species are fished for in Maine, how to find them, and the challenges of maintaining both thriving fisheries and healthy ecosystems. Each activity includes materials, background and preparation details for the facilitator, discussion points, prompting questions, and reflection questions. Sessions include:

  1. Getting to Know Aquatic Animals
  2. Finding Fish
  3. Battle for Fish
  4. Sustainable Fishing

Supported by National Science Foundation award #OIA-1849227 to Maine EPSCoR at the University of Maine

Engineering Sampler (grades 5-6) (virtual or in-person)

Did you ever use something and think you could make it better? Invent something to solve a problem? You might be an engineer! In this series, youth learn about engineering and put the engineering design process into action. Through a series of building challenges youth identify problems, design and create solutions, test and improve their ideas. Sessions include:

  1. Engineering quiz show
  2. Build challenge: robot hand
  3. Build challenge: wind powered boat
  4. Build challenge: Ecobots

Scheduling and Planning

Typically sessions are one time per week for an hour. Let us know if you have a preferred day of the week or time of day and we will do our best to match a 4-H STEM Ambassador volunteer with you and your students.  

Host site must

  • Coordinate participant recruitment.  Ensure an appropriate youth/adult ratio, maximum 10 to 1.
  • If virtual, the host site must distribute any provided content materials to participants.
  • Provide an on-site/online supervisor (an adult online for each session and available as needed to assist with virtual behavior management and support for youth participants)
  • Ensure each participant can log in from an individual device
  • Stay in regular communication with 4-H Program Coordinator, and share any concerns
  • Attend orientation session (1.5 hours) with 4-H Program Coordinators

We suggest host site supervisors

  • Support, guide, and provide constructive feedback for 4-H STEM Ambassadors
  • Support reflection – providing time for the 4-H STEM Ambassador to check in with them regarding successes and challenges
  • Attend additional training sessions to better understand the program and the activities that the 4-H STEM Ambassador will facilitate

Host site coordinated paperwork

  • Complete non-discrimination form (1 per site)
  • Collect registrations prior to STEM Ambassador sessions
    • Enrollment information for participants 
    • Media release forms for each participant (if required)
    • Health and participation forms (if required)
  • Take attendance each session
  • Complete evaluation and provide feedback for STEM Ambassador and program offered
  • Share your success/challenges with STEM Ambassador program coordinator
  • Work with STEM Ambassador program coordinator on any media coverage


There is not a set fee for hosting a 4-H STEM Ambassador.  Donations towards materials costs are encouraged. 

How to become a host site

If you are interested in becoming a Spring 2023 4-H STEM Ambassador host site, please complete the Host Site Request Form.

What if there is not a 4-H STEM Ambassador volunteer for my school or program? 

Unfortunately, we are not able to commit to providing the activities if we don’t have volunteers that match your schedule, or have enough volunteers to meet requests. However, we would still like to support you and your students. You are invited to attend the content training. At that time we will share with you all the lesson plans and we will provide you with a set of materials for the facilitator only. IF we have materials available once they have been distributed to accommodate all volunteer-led sites, we may be able to assist.

Questions? contact the 4-H Science team at