Become a STEM Ambassador

STEM ambassador in classroom with youthBecoming a STEM Ambassador is simple.  All you need is interest in working with youth! No STEM-specific background is necessary.

Benefits to being STEM Ambassador:  

  • Gain experience in working with youth in a safe, controlled environment.
  • Gain enjoyment and satisfaction from working with youth in informal learning environments and in schools.
  • Gain experience in facilitating STEM activities, as well as developing your skills in leadership, project planning, presentation, problem-solving, and communication — all skills that are sought after by employers.

To enroll as a STEM Ambassador, if you are not participating as part of a class, first contact us by email to obtain the necessary forms and schedule a training.

All STEM Ambassadors will need:

  1. Submit a Maine 4-H STEM Ambassadors Application
  2. SBI Background Check or proof of completion/fingerprinting

Please see the training page for more specific information about training to become a STEM Ambassador.