4-H Summer Learning Virtual Workshop Presenter

This program, along with many other Extension programs, has a special ingredient: caring adult volunteers. Adults with a wide variety of expertise, from managing kids to digital savvy to science and art, are critical to the success of the summer learning series. They bring their unique knowledge and know-how to youth all across Maine, making a tangible impact on each one’s educational journey.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a workshop presenter for the upcoming 2024 4-H Summer Learning Series! Forms are due May 13, 2024.

Reach out to Sarah Sparks at sarah.sparks@maine.edu to receive notifications and stay updated.

Make Your Virtual Workshop Hands On and Engaging

  • 2024 Date to Be Announced: Registration

Workshop Presenter Role Description


To engage youth in positive youth development experiences and guide youth to explore their interests in a specific topic or skill through a hands-on, virtual 4-H experience.

Qualifications and Skills

  • Abide by volunteer standards of behavior and the University of Maine’s non-discrimination statement.
  • Enjoy working with youth and have a desire to teach youth skills related to a topic you are passionate about.  
  • Be comfortable with (and/or willing to learn how to) work with the Zoom platform, have access to a computer and internet.
  • Possess strong organizational, planning, communication, and collaboration skills. 


  • Work in partnership with a Positive Youth Development mentor to plan your virtual workshop.
  • Plan experiential learning activities to teach targeted skills.
  • Provide a sense of belonging by creating a safe and welcoming virtual environment for all youth.
  • Offer a virtual workshop(s) in partnership with a Positive Youth Development mentor during the 2023 4-H Summer Learning Series.

Location and Audience

All activities will be offered virtually through Zoom, or as an offline option.  You can choose the age and number of youth based on your topic and activities. 4-H is open to youth ages 5-18.

Time Commitment

A typical virtual summer learning experience can be a single session workshop, or a series of workshop sessions.  In addition, volunteers can expect to commit approximately 2-3 hours preparing for each hour of virtual workshop. 


Volunteers spend time collaborating with their Positive Youth Development mentor. Support for teaching virtually is available including: teaching with experiential learning online, positive youth development, online teaching strategies and youth facilitation. 


  • Help youth find their “spark” and make a positive impact in your community.
  • Share your passion about a topic and/or skill.
  • Develop and enhance your personal and professional skills. 
  • Network with other 4-H volunteers.