Spirit Week Themes

New for 2024, show your 4-H Spirit by participating in the weekly Spirit Themes!

Week 1: July 8 - 12, Go Green

Kick off the 4-H Summer Learning Series by wearing, eating, and using as much green as possible in your workshops.

Week 2: July 15 - 19, Pet Party

This week in Summer Learning, bring your furry friends to your workshop and introduce them to the group. If you don’t have a pet, share with us your dream pet, a favorite stuffy, or a friend’s pet!

Week 3: July 22 - 26, Wacky Whiskers

This week in Summer Learning, show up to your workshops with homemade facial hair. You can use makeup, tin foil, or even a wig to craft your faux follicles!

Week 4: July 29 - August 2, Mismatch Madness

This week in Summer Learning, break all the fashion rules. We want you to assemble and wear the funniest outfits imaginable for your online extravaganzas.

Week 5: August 5 - 9, Kaleidoscope of Color

For our last week in Summer Learning, keep up the amazing outfits by wearing as many colors as you can!