Virtual Fair 2021 Judging Card Rubric

Virtual Fair 2020/2021 Judging Card Rubric (PDF)

What does EXCELLENT look like? What does VERY GOOD look like? What does NEEDS IMPROVEMENT look like?
What does DISQUALIFIED look like?
Age and # years in project is appropriate

** For consideration, effort put forth is very individual, and age may not be as relevant. Generosity is advised.

Based on age, and number of years in this project area this project excels both in challenge level and effort of member. Based on age and number of years in project, this project meets the expectation of the project. Based on age and number of years in project, Member did not challenge themselves N/A
Quality of Project

** For consideration, quality is based with the judge, generosity is advised, however, if elements can be fixed, please note that.

Project quality exceeds expectations and standard. Has marketable quality. Project quality meets expectations and standard. Project quality does not meet the standard, has elements that could be fixed. Project is too far from the standard and needs significant attention.
Creativity in Project

** For consideration, some youth may need advanced assistance from other youth or adults in the completion of their projects.

Project demonstrates a high level of creativity either in design process, execution, materials, use, etc. Project could demonstrate high level of imagination, humor, surprise, originality, personal flair, etc. Project meets creativity expectations and standards. Project does not meet the standard, lacks any personal input from young person.

*Kits would be an exception, but Cloverbuds are not judged on this scale.

Project work was not completed from youth submitting it, plagiarism, or violation of copyright laws.
Mastery of Project Demonstrated

** For consideration, mastery of project could be impacted by ability level and skill level and is subjective project to project and youth to youth.

Project submitted with evidence (i.e. pictures, early versions of project — especially if having years in same project) of practice and improvement over time, this can be demonstrated in the Youth Reflection. This is above and beyond expectations. Project is well done, meets the expectations and standard, but no evidence or reflection on practice or improvement.

This may be their first year in a project area.

Project is not meeting the standard for quality, has elements that could be fixed. N/A
Thoughtful Reflection

** For consideration, some young people might have difficulty writing or may need assistance in writing. Words should be generated by the young person.

Young person identifies one life skill or one important lesson learned from the project, and identifies its importance either to their future, their community, ‘the bigger picture,’ etc. Young person answers the question, meets the standard, but does not make the connection to a life skill or life lesson learned.

May have only mentioned a project skill. Example: Learned how to sew.

If young person did not answer both reflection questions. Comments are not appropriate.
Project clearly demonstrates purpose The purpose of the project is crystal clear and well demonstrated beyond judge’s expectation. Project has a point of view and purpose. Expectations are met with clarity and purpose of the project either through the project itself or in the description and reflection. The purpose ofthe project is unclear to the judge and may need additional explanation that participant did not provide. N/A

**Considerations are given when the young person, their parent, or a club leader makes a note in writing to the judges to better inform them of the needs of the exhibitor.

For Cloverbuds: There is a COMPLETE column, please indicate if a member has completed any aspects listed in these criteria. Cloverbuds are not judged in the Danish System, but we want to encourage their development and exploration in a project area. Some criteria may not be applicable, and for those, select N/A.