Judging Criteria

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Judging 4-H Project Work for Virtual Exhibit Halls

We don’t pass judgment on aspects that are a matter of taste, such as the style or color of an item.  We do not judge grammatics and appreciate that language and communication skills are individual and therefore we cannot know the level at which any person performs.  We trust that this is the member’s own work.  The suggested points are not a matter of “all or nothing,” but a matter of “degree.”

4-H uses the Danish system to signify different award levels and awards ribbons in the following colors.

  • Blue (Excellent): A blue is awarded to entries that exceed the average standard. This award indicates a certain degree of excellence that exceeds the average expectation and may be given to multiple participants. Many or even most entries will qualify as Blue as typically our “Best” work is sent to the fair.
  • Red (Good): A red is awarded to entries that meet the average standard or are slightly below the average standard established for that respective class. The general level of accomplishment meets expectations.
  • White (Fair): A white is awarded to entries that do not meet average standard. The level of accomplishment is less than expected. A ranking of white has notable shortcomings from the good standard.
  • Green (Participation): This ribbon is used for recognition of Cloverbuds. These projects are not judged but receive encouraging feedback.

Disqualified: An entry may be disqualified if it is obvious that the work is inappropriate, or not original to the entrant.

Items will be judged based on Virtual Exhibit Hall Project Guidelines and Requirements. The standards must be applied equally to all. Entries are not judged against each other. If a member is to be given special consideration, a parent or club leader should indicate this on the online entry form.

Judges are asked to keep in mind that judging should be a positive experience for all. It is designed to reinforce learning and build confidence. Age may not be an indication of skill level. Fair exhibits are also a great opportunity to showcase club members’ work to the community.

The judging process is informal and generous consideration is strongly encouraged. Positive and constructive feedback is encouraged and should be written on the back of the exhibit card. Comments should be helpful, constructive, and encouraging in nature. Example of possible feedback: Sewing Project, Nice job with straight stitching in the seams! Please clip threads before exhibiting. Great looking garment!

Virtual Exhibit Hall 2021 Judging Card Rubric