Maine 4-H Virtual Learning Hub

What is Maine 4-H Virtual Learning?

icon graphic for 4-H virtual learning hub sectionMaine 4-H Virtual Learning is a hands-on, virtual learning program for youth ages 5-18. Workshops will be organized by age and topic. Topics include engineering, science, animals and agriculture, teen leadership, and more.

Workshops will range from single-time events to short-term programs (typically four to six sessions). Participants will engage in hands-on activities, interact with other 4-Hers, and positive adult role models.

No prior experience with 4-H is required to participate. This is a great way for those who are interested to learn more about 4-H.

Virtual Learning Program Objectives

  1. Provide youth the opportunity to explore something they care about: their “sparks”
  2. Provide a “learn by doing” hands-on experience for youth to thrive in a virtual setting
  3. Deliver engaging virtual programs in the context of positive youth development

About Positive Youth Development: 4-H Thriving Model of PYD