Maine 4-H Project Records: Optional

A 4-Her with his Project SheepIf you would like to add more to your record, you can choose to add any of the following items. These items may be required based on your county or your club leader’s discretion. If you are a member planning to apply for state or national trips, scholarships, or other leadership opportunities these forms are designed to prepare you for the application process

If you are unsure which record would be best for you or your 4-H-er, contact your local UMaine Extension 4-H County Office.

Animal Projects

  • Animal Health and Veterinary Care Log: PDF
    This is a place to track your animal health and veterinary care. This form will help organize and track the diverse ways you need to keep your animal healthy. Animal care is an important part of any animal project.
  • Animal Inventory and Profit/Loss Form: PDF
    This has two functions; the animal inventory will serve as an organized place to capture your animal’s identification information and to estimate the value of your animal at the start of the 4-H year and at the end of the 4-H year. Animal projects have many expenses, this will help you track the total cost of this project. You will practice calculating profit and loss. This is a critical skill to learn as you understand the actual cost of raising your animal project.
  • Animal Time and Effort Form: PDF
    This is a way to organize and track the amount of time you spend monthly on your animal project.

General Projects

  • General Profit and Loss Form (Non-Animal): PDF | Word
    This helps you track your total expenses and profit during this project year. You will practice calculating profit and loss. This is an important skill to practice and can be applied to the real world.
  • General Time and Effort Form (Non-Animal): PDF | Word
    This is a way to organize and track the amount of time you spend each month on your project. You will calculate the total hours spent this year on your project.

All Projects

  • 4-H Story: PDF | Word
    Your 4-H Story allows you to share with others your varied experiences during your time as a 4-H member. The 4-H Story is your opportunity to highlight what your 4-H participation has meant to you and how it has prepared you as a leader and citizen of the world.
  • 4-H Highlights: PDF
    This is a great jumping off point to brainstorm the highlights of your 4-H year. An uncomplicated way to reflect upon your highlights from this 4-H year.
  • Leadership, Citizenship and Service Review: PDF
    This is an organized way to capture your work in these areas. You can use this form to help populate your resume or for additional reflection in your 4-H story.