Understanding the “WHY?” Behind Maine 4-H Project Records

Co-designed with Maine 4-H volunteers, youth and staff; these project records have been designed to best serve the needs of Maine youth. Aligning critical life skills including workforce and college and career readiness within the Positive Youth Development framework of the 4-H Thrive model.

4-H members are encouraged to keep records as part of their leadership experience. 4-H records present a picture of growth and development as a 4-H member. It is a requirement for all Maine 4-H members ages 9-18 to complete a 4-H project record annually.

These records have youth:

Identify and nurture their spark.

  • Embedded within the project record are opportunities for 4-H members to identify and share their spark- what they are passionate about, something that they lose track of time when they are engaged in the activity.

Learn and practice goal management skills.

  • Annually youth describe their project goals and reflect on the successes and challenges. Youth do not just set a goal they describe how they will apply it to current and future situations.

Develop a growth mindset.

  • Youth can have challenges and reflect upon those challenges within their project record. This low-risk exercise is a great way to practice learning new things- sometimes you will be successful and sometimes it may just not go as planned.

Develop self-reflection skills.

  • The PURPOSE of project records is to document not just what you have experienced, but how you will take what you have learned and grow; as a person, as a leader, as a Maine 4-H member. This record is a guide to reflect upon your own personal journey.

Demonstrate skills.

The optional project record forms will prepare you with documentation needed for applying for scholarships, national trips and maybe even your first job or college course. Over your 4-H career, using these forms as a method of documentation and organization will better prepare you to create a resume or portfolio of skills.