Program Requirements

This non-competitive application will be used to match 4-H teens with the resources they need to complete the program.

Supply the following link to the two adults who are giving the recommendation, to complete and submit:

Letter of Recommendation Form (Google Form)

  • Applicants will be contacted to schedule a brief Zoom meeting with 4-H staff to discuss their interests with the program after we receive a completed application form and two letters of recommendation.
  • Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis in the order they are received.


  • Age 14 to 19 years old, or enrolled in 9th grade or higher for the school year beginning in September.
  • Youth must have an affiliation with the location of the project.
  • Youth must be able to attend all meetings within the pathway of their project:
    • Youth Board Member: Board Meetings (estimated three to seven per program)
    • Policy Leader: meetings with policy officials (estimated one to three per program)
    • Public Service Leader: meetings with any partners or collaborators; all events related to the project (estimated three to seven per program)
  • Must be able to attend all 4-H program meetings and learning sessions (at least two in-person and monthly virtual (Zoom) sessions from late August to April (eight times). In-person meetings will be at a central location. The dates and times of virtual sessions will be determined after surveying registered participants.
  • Must meet, check-in, or productively correspond (could be by email or phone call) with your mentor at least one time per month (eight times).

Estimated Time

Pathway Total # of Meetings, Check-ins, and Sessions Time for Research/
Estimated Total Hours Without Travel
Youth Board Member 20-27 sessions
(26-32 hours)
Four to eight hours 30-40
Policy Leader 18-20 sessions
(24-32 hours)
Eight to 40 hours 32-72
Public Service Leader 20-27 sessions
(26-33 hours)
Eight to 40 hours 34-73

Time commitments will vary depending on the type of board, policy, or size of the project.

 1 Adapted from University of Wisconsin-Madison Youth in Governance Racine County Handbook 2022-2023

If all of this sounds interesting to you, click the link below to apply:

Application Form: YOUth Have a Voice! Youth in Governance and Civic Engagement Program (opens in new window)