1607-1608 Popham Colony Garden Project

Bath Freight Shed
27 Commercial Street
Bath, Maine 04530

Contact: Merry Chapin at mchapin23@yahoo.com or call 207.443.5669

This project is for all ages. The focus is to give visitors an opportunity to learn about the garden that was planted in an attempt to feed the colonists during the 1607-1608 time that they lived in the Popham Colony. This project has been broken down into two projects, research, and garden. Tasks include research of what would have been planted at the Popham Colony during this time period and how the colonists would have cared for the garden.

This first year, there will be a small plot about 6’x8’ in a raised bed arrangement. The garden will be expanded in future years. The expansion will depend on how much land is available for gardening. We plan to develop a Native American exhibit and our initial plans call for adding a Native American gardening plot to the garden plot of the Colony. The Native American presence will be in our future plans.

Please contact Merry Chapin, directly, at mchapin23@yahoo.com or call 207.443.5669 if you’d like to be involved in this project.