Durham Community School

654 Hallowell Road
Durham, Maine 04222

Contact: Jeff Newell at jeffnewell9@gmail.com or 207.650.4012 or Julie Walters at waltersj@rsu5.org

This is an elementary school. Julie Walters the JMG (Job for Maine Graduates) teacher at the school has approached us looking for Master Gardener help and guidance for the kids on how to put in and maintain their school garden. The JMG class consists of 7th-grade students who are selected for the JMG program. They are especially looking for assistance in maintaining the garden through the summer.  They are also seeking ideas for what to do with the summer and fall harvest.

If you are interested in this project please contact Jeff Newell at jeffnewell9@gmail.com or 207.650.4012, directly, to set up a time to work with the kids that fit everyone’s schedule.