Lisbon Community Garden

South Street
Lisbon Falls, Maine 04252

Contact: Lynette Carver at 207.402.8664

Guidance on Managing Food Bank Plots, Herb Garden, Children’s Garden

The Lisbon Community Garden has grown with three additional plots to grow vegetables for food banks in addition to the established 8 raised beds for educational or rental to local residents. In 2018  the Tea Garden will be moved or reconfigured. The Lisbon Community Garden is on town property and under the Lisbon Parks and Recreation Department.

Planning and Guidance assistance for 2018 is needed for the team of volunteers running the garden. Knowledge in the drying of herbs from the tea garden or others herb garden on the property would also be helpful. Availability to assist renters with various questions they may have in raising their products with soil nutrients as well as pest control. MGV contacts Michelle Borodinsky and Barbara Coombs.