Mt. Ararat High School (Project GROW)

Mt. Ararat High School
73 Eagles Way
Topsham, Maine 04086

Contact: Paul Guerette or call 729.2951, x228

The primary educational beneficiaries for this project are high school students, ages 14-18. They will be in charge of the garden creation, management, and related studies. There is a health class interested in incorporating the garden work into their curriculum and other students will learn how to produce food for our own school food service. The HS hopes to include educational programming for younger children and for the special education population during the summer months.

A plot, approximately 35′ X 75′ was prepared, in mostly sandy soil. Composted cow/horse manure has been added each year to build/improve the soil. A cover crop of winter rye has been sown each fall. The soil is better but still quite sandy. A soil test will be done this spring.

The challenge is to get people to commit to caring for the garden over the summer. The first year worked out well. Although it was mostly school staff involvement, there were a few students who participated. In the future, I’d like to get more students to use the garden as part of their Senior Capstone Project. It would be great to have Master gardeners available as mentors.

Until they are able to purchase/acquire their own, they will be borrowing tools from the teachers, students, and volunteers. Initial tools needed include shovels, garden rakes, pitchfork, hoe. A rototiller can probably be borrowed if necessary.