Rejuvenation of Edible Landscape of the Richmond Area Food Pantry (RAFP)

Richmond Area Food Pantry
15 Spruce Street
Richmond, Maine 04357

Contact: Janette Sweem at or 207.737.2922

The purpose of this project is to first provide additional sources of food for the Richmond Area Food Pantry in addition to beautifying the property. Secondly, this is a project for all ages, as the RAFP expect to utilize its volunteers to provide the ongoing maintenance. In addition, when we receive food donations from the local schools it is a great opportunity to educate the children with our “growing pantry.”

The vision of the Richmond Area Food Pantry is to enhance the landscaping of the property, not only in maintaining the foliage and flowers that already exist, but include plants and vegetables that can be harvested to add to the food pantry distributions.

Three raised planter boxes, measuring 4 x 6 feet would need to be made and installed, along with purchasing of seeds/plants, soil and containers for growth along with maintenance during the spring through fall seasons. A composting system would also be required.

The Master Gardener would need to assess the property and advise the RAFP regarding what types of plants, herbs and flowers would benefit RAFP. A schedule of what the RAFP would need to upkeep these plants throughout the year would also be necessary.

The RAFP would like to have plans in place for planting by the spring of 2017.