Request for Master Gardener Volunteer Assistance


Androscoggin Historical Society
2 Turner Street, Unit 8
Auburn, Maine 04210

Contact:  Penelope Jessop at or 207.782.5467

Date: August 21, 2018

Specifically, what tasks are to be completed?  Adult participants will be learning about mid-19th century culinary and medicinal plants as they assist the Master gardener in recreating this herb garden.

  • Once completed, during tours of the property it will serve as an educational exhibit serving all ages.
  • It will be open to the public at all times, so identifying tags would be desirable.
  • The original garden has been overtaken by grass and weeds, so enrichment will be necessary. There are some bricks embedded that were used for paths or edging in the former garden.
  • The garden layout will require research and design as well as actual planting and routine maintenance.

How large, in dimension, is this project? (if applicable)

  • The available area is approximately 60 square feet but could be expanded

What is the quality of the soil? (if applicable, a soil test may be required)

  • The soil is predominantly sandy and needs compost and garden-quality loam.  The City of Auburn, which owns the site, may provide these.

Does the organization have the necessary materials and resources (plant materials, soil amendments, structures, etc.)?

  • The soil needs some enrichment, which may be provided by the city.  We will purchase the plants, on the advice of the Master Gardener.

Can the organization provide the necessary tools?  If not, what tools should the Master Gardener bring?

  • The initial soil preparation phase will require spades, forks, rakes, and edgers.  Each participant should bring her own tools.
  • The planting phase will also require that all participants supply their own tools.

If ongoing maintenance is required, is the organization capable of providing it?

  • Volunteer members of the society will maintain the completed project.

What is the timeline for this project?

  • Assessment of the site should take place this Fall, along with recommended soil preparation.
  • We would like to schedule an interactive lecture/ planting workshop for a Saturday morning in early May 2019, weather permitting.