The Center for Wisdom’s Women (Garden Beds)

97 Blake Street
Lewiston, Maine 04240

Contact: Klara Tammany at or 207.513.3922

The gardens consist of:

  • Two raised beds: 7’ x 15” each,
  • Two islands in the parking lot: 30’ x 8’ each
  • Three terraced areas: 16’x5’ each
  • Other spaces around the complex are also available

A Master Gardener is needed to help to figure the details for:

  • Current garden spaces: Adding more compost, planning what to plant where, obtaining seedlings, water/weed regularly, then harvest calendula regularly as it blooms, dry it for processing.
  • New garden spaces: Help to prepare new spaces for more gardens in 2017.

MGVs should bring their own tools, although some tools are available to borrow. Contact Klara Tammany directly for more detail and if interested in this project.