Topsham Public Library (Gardens)

25 Foreside Road
Topsham, Maine 04086

Contact: Email Sarah Wolpow at or 207.721.0941 or Dana Cary at 207.729.4945

First and foremost the Library is in need of volunteers willing to create educational materials around all of the projects listed below. These educational materials can be hands-on activities, binders, posters, handouts etc. Since the Library and the Cooperative Extension share the mission of education this is a key part of any volunteering at the Library. The Library is lucky to have some community volunteers but is need of MGV to guide them and create educational events and materials. As you choose a project, consider what educational event/project that you would want to incorporate in your volunteering. If you are interested in developing an idea around the core principles of Food Security, Gardening and Education that is not shown below, the Library has space available for new projects also.

  • Edible Forest Garden: This garden is growing food and other materials in a Forest like setting. Volunteers have the opportunity to work on all aspects of this project, now in its second year.
  • Strawberry Spiral: An established garden with the opportunity to mix community and gardening. Educational Material/event to coincide with Summer Harvest is especially needed.
  • Hugel Mound: This is a small garden of drought-tolerant plantings on a debris pile. Needs guidance on what to plant and how to educate the community on this type of sustainable gardening. Edible plantings encouraged.
  • Keyhole Garden: A small space for growing vegetables centered around a compost pile. Last year used to grow small pumpkins. Needs a new champion to determine the educational direction of this small garden.
  • Butterfly and Birdsong Garden: An established bed that is in serious need of renovation and educational information regarding the importance of wildlife and pollinators in a suburban garden.
  • Tea Garden: Very popular garden last year, that needs adoption and update on educational materials. The MGV who created this is willing to mentor a new project leader.
  • Children’s Garden: Established perennial garden in need of an educational direction. An activity like a “Pollinator Count Day” or some other hands-on activity that engages kids educationally in the garden is especially sought.
  • Compost Area: New compost area is needed-Creative MGV sought who can engage the community in the importance of composting with a project event (i.e. building the pile) and surrounding educational material.