TriTown Community Garden

1 Church Street
Jay, Maine 04329

Contact: Fr. Paul Dumais at or 207.756.3514 or Scott Roberts at or 207.320.3780

This Community garden will provide skill building, experience in cooperative ventures, organizing, community service opportunities. This project will attempt to involve High School Youth and Adults.

Tasks include:

  1. Plan and develop a Community Garden
  2. Prep area to be planted
  3. Plant and maintain the garden area
  4. Harvest crops and donate to local food pantry

At present we are starting with a plot approximately 100′ by 15′. The current plan is to plant onions, squash, beets, and dried beans. If things go successfully, we will expand based upon the available support.

The soil is “boney” but workable. Please, see the attached soil sample report. All the necessary “ingredients” may not be at hand now, but they will be available when required. The organization and its volunteers should be able to provide the necessary tools. Seeds and other items not currently available will be provided in the future.

Initial tilling took place the fall of 2017. First planting will take place late next spring.

Please note that the TriTown Community Garden will be on a plot of Parish-owned property off of Boy Scout Road in Livermore. The property has storage space and water.